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Post Tension Concrete Services

Unlocking the Potential of Post-Tension Concrete for Modern Construction

McCarthy Concrete is a PTI level 2 certified installer as well as an inspector for post tension. Our committed design team engages this specialized expertise in the customization of each project and our crews directly perform all aspects of the post tension installation, from cable assemblies to tensioning and cable shearing.

In the dynamic world of construction, developers and builders constantly seek methods that enhance structural integrity, reduce costs, offer flexibility, and provide durability. Post-tension concrete emerges as a formidable, specialized solution, particularly favored in the construction of large commercial center buildings, municipal complexes, residential locations, and athletic facilities.

Athletic Courts

We take great pride in providing our public and private clients with state-of-the-art athletic court installations. Our certified team applies its specialized knowledge and expertise to design, fabricate, assemble, and install each unique project. Each post-tension athletic court installation provides our clients with superior quality, structural longevity and optimum performance.

Understanding Post-Tension Concrete

Post-tension concrete is an advanced method that significantly strengthens a building’s foundation. It involves embedding high-strength steel strands, known as tendons, within the concrete. These tendons are tensioned and then anchored to the concrete mass once it has cured. This process compresses the concrete, actively reinforcing the entire structure and allowing it to support greater loads over wider spans.

Building the Future: The Impact of Post-Tension Technology on Modern Construction

Utilizing post-tension technology fundamentally changes our approach to durable, resilient building construction, paving the way for safer and more innovative structures.

Key Advantages of Post-Tension Concrete

Increased Load Capacity: By compressing the concrete, post-tensioning allows it to bear significantly more weight compared to traditional concrete methods. This feature is essential for high-rise buildings and expansive commercial spaces that must endure heavy loads.

Enhanced Durability: Post-tension concrete is less prone to cracking than conventional concrete. This longevity is crucial in maintaining the structural health and quality of buildings and reducing maintenance costs over time.

Design Versatility: The ability to create large, open spaces without intermediate columns is a dream for any architect. Post-tension concrete facilitates such designs, offering creative freedom to innovate without compromising on safety or aesthetics.

Cost-Effectiveness: With post-tension concrete, there’s a noticeable reduction in materials such as concrete and steel. Fewer materials mean lower costs and a lighter environmental footprint. Furthermore, the reduced need for joints and decreased susceptibility to damage translate to lower long-term maintenance expenses.

Seismic Resistance: In earthquake-prone areas, post-tension concrete provides an additional layer of safety. Its ability to flex without cracking makes buildings more resilient to seismic activity, protecting both the structure and its inhabitants.

Why Choose McCarthy Concrete for Your Post Tension Concrete Needs?

At McCarthy Concrete, we specialize in the expert application of post-tension concrete. Our team is thoroughly trained and experienced in handling the unique demands of commercial, municipal, athletic courts and industrial constructions. Whether it’s constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, our use of post-tension concrete ensures durability, cost-efficiency, and architectural flexibility.

Considering post tension concrete services for your next project? Reach out to us to explore how this innovative solution can optimize your construction outcomes. Let’s build the future together—with structures designed to last and impress.