McCarthy Concrete is backed by 5 decades of expertise

Foundations & Flatwork

McCarthy Concrete is Committed to Quality

McCarthy Concrete has over 50 years of experience backing the company as a commercial concrete foundation contractor. Our history in commercial concrete spans several generations and our crews perform all aspects of this work from standard foundations to grade beams and pile cap, battered, single-sided walls. McCarthy Concrete self performs formwork, reinforcing, placing and specialty finishes.

Foundations and Flatwork Built to Last

Embarking on a major construction project requires every detail to be flawlessly executed with a robust foundation and precision flatwork. That’s why industry leaders choose McCarthy Concrete when they have projects that need absolute reliability and precision.

The importance of solid flatwork alongside strong foundations cannot be overstated. Flatwork is the platform on which daily business operations occur and it must withstand constant traffic, heavy loads, and resist wear over time. Our superior flatwork ensures a level, durable surface that enhances operational efficiency and safety. It prevents issues such as pooling water and structural unevenness, which can lead to more significant problems if left unaddressed.

Proven Benefits of Superior Foundation and Concrete Flatwork

Industry case studies have demonstrated that buildings with superior concrete foundations and flatwork exhibit enhanced durability and significantly reduced maintenance costs over time.

Benefits of Installing Professional Quality Concrete Flatwork

Investing in professional quality concrete flatwork brings numerous benefits to any construction project. Firstly, it offers exceptional durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance. Well-laid concrete flatwork handles heavy commercial traffic and severe weather conditions without showing signs of strain. Secondly, its ease of maintenance means lower ongoing costs, as it needs only basic care to maintain its integrity and appearance.

Concrete With Durability in Mind

Concrete slabs not only provide a strong, functional surface but also offer a wide canvas for aesthetic creativity. For an optimal appearance, it’s important to consider the space’s dimensions and how the material will age.

Ensuring a minimum thickness and reinforcing the concrete can help prevent cracking over time due to weather and use. Adding textures and patterns can transform a simple concrete slab into an engaging feature of your exterior design. Integrating colors through dyes or overlays, like stamp patterns, can further enhance the visual appeal and complement your space’s overall aesthetic.

Build With Confidence

Choosing McCarthy Concrete means you’re opting for a foundation of excellence and flatwork that complements the strength of your entire structure. Our commitment to quality means that every layer of your project, from the ground up, is built to endure. With McCarthy Concrete, you don’t just build; you build to last. Trust us to lay down the strength and stability your next project demands.