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Versatile Concrete Solutions

In the energy sector, the importance of dependable concrete construction cannot be overstated. Whether it’s the development of substations, solar fields, or utility contracts, McCarthy Concrete stands ready with a wealth of experience and expertise. With a portfolio spanning Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and beyond, we possess a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved. From initial groundwork to final finishing, our approach is marked by meticulous attention to detail and unwavering quality.

The energy infrastructure demands nothing short of excellence. Cutting corners is not an option. That’s why discerning professionals in the field turn to us for solutions they can trust. When the success of your energy projects is on the line, choose McCarthy Concrete. We are poised to exceed your expectations and deliver results that endure.

Our Expertise

Foundation and Footing Construction: We specialize in crafting robust foundations and footings customized to suit the unique needs of renewable energy projects.

Support Structure Installation: Our team excels in installing support structures such as piers, columns, and beams, providing essential stability for solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage systems.

Equipment Pad Installation: We’re experts in constructing durable pads capable of supporting heavy machinery vital to renewable energy operations.

Concrete Formwork and Reinforcement: With our experience, we create intricate formwork and reinforcement systems, ensuring the strength and longevity of your project’s structure.

Quality Control and Assurance: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We maintain strict quality control measures throughout construction, ensuring adherence to industry standards and project requirements.

Safety Compliance: Safety is our top priority. We prioritize maintaining a safe working environment for all personnel, adhering to regulations and best practices in concrete construction.

Empowering America's Renewable Energy Revolution: McCarthy Concrete Leads the Charge

Did you know that renewable energy sources like solar and wind are rapidly gaining traction as primary sources of electricity generation in the United States? This shift toward cleaner energy is driving a surge in demand for reliable concrete construction in the energy sector. McCarthy Concrete is proud to be a leading provider of solutions supporting the growth of renewable energy infrastructure across the nation.

Concrete Energy Solutions

Substations play a vital role in our country’s power system, linking power plants to the electrical grid that powers everything from our homes and offices to hospitals and data centers. As our communities expand, so does the demand for substations. Access to electricity is not only essential for everyday living but also crucial for national security. At McCarthy Concrete, we understand the significance of sturdy, reliable concrete in substation construction. We prioritize quality to ensure the success and longevity of every substation project we undertake.

We also specialize in providing durable concrete solutions designed specifically for the challenges of renewable energy ventures. Whether it’s crafting sturdy bases for wind turbines, constructing reliable support systems for solar installations, or building sturdy bridges for site accessibility, our team is committed to ensuring the strength and longevity of your project’s infrastructure.