McCarthy Concrete is backed by 5 decades of expertise

Industrial Concrete Solutions

Industrial Concrete Companies

Welcome to McCarthy Concrete, where expertise meets excellence in heavy industrial concrete solutions. We have decades of experience in heavy industrial concrete forming and pouring. Whether it’s battered walls or structural slabs, our crews work in industrial spaces with experience from multiple forming systems to shored multilevel structural slabs. We have the experience, tools, equipment, and a highly trained certified workforce to get the job done.

Tailored Concrete Services for Industrial Environments

Our seasoned team specializes in addressing the unique demands of industrial settings, providing tailored concrete services for warehouses, factories, buildings and more.

From chemical plants to food processing facilities, our concrete services for industrial settings are crafted to guarantee smooth operations and optimal efficiency in any environment. McCarthy Concrete is proud to offer quality, efficient, and cost-effective services in diverse markets throughout New England and beyond.

Structural Concrete: The Solution for Enduring Industrial Challenges

Concrete solutions are crucial in construction, forming the bedrock of resilient infrastructure. In the realm of manufacturing facilities, the demand for industrial structures capable of enduring heavy loads, vibrations, noise, and chemical exposures is paramount. Enter structural concrete—a perennially favored solution renowned for its inherent strength, durability, and design flexibility, alongside its ability to yield long-term cost savings. These services encompass a diverse range of projects, including concrete paving and maintenance, as well as the construction of robust foundations and structures.

Consider the challenges faced by floor slabs, subjected to monumental static and dynamic loads from heavy machinery and material handling systems. Here, structural concrete shines, offering exceptional compressive strength crucial for foundational stability.

Building For An Eternity

Industrial concrete structures can last for over a century, it’s a testament to the enduring power of this remarkable material. At McCarthy Concrete, we’re committed to bringing that same level of durability, quality and reliability to every project we undertake, ensuring that your industrial spaces stand the test of time.

Industrial Innovations

The advantages don’t stop there. Concrete floors can be meticulously engineered, incorporating steel or synthetic reinforcements to prevent cracks and enhance tensile strength. Innovative options like post-tensioned concrete further optimize span lengths, mitigating vibrations and ensuring structural integrity.

Within storage areas, equipment foundations, and beneath overhead cranes, the demands escalate with high vertical and lateral loads. Reinforced concrete steps up to the plate, boasting excellent load-bearing strength, effortlessly supporting these dynamic industrial and commercial demands. Meanwhile, post-tensioned concrete enables lighter slabs to bear heavier loads, while robust concrete walls securely cradle racking systems.

Your Partner for Industrial Success

In essence, our structural concrete stands as the cornerstone for multi-story manufacturing buildings, providing a steadfast foundation upon which industrial operations thrive. McCarthy Concrete is backed by 5 decades of expertise and a commitment to excellence. Our tailored services address the unique demands of industrial settings, ensuring smooth operations and optimal efficiency. From providing robust foundations to reinforcing structural integrity, our concrete solutions form the bedrock of resilient infrastructure, supporting the dynamic needs of manufacturing facilities with unparalleled strength and durability. Trust McCarthy Concrete to lay the groundwork for your company for success in the industrial landscape.